3D scan sport shoes

David, professional in advertisement design industry and a 1:6 scale action figure hobbyist. Recent year, people consume a lot of money in collecting commercial 1:6 action figures. Most brands are only authorized to produce the movie character figure instead of creating custom made figures. he introduced by a friend, 3DCM who is capable to provide professional 3D printing service and can help him to overcome the problem with handmade that making it possible to create his own custom made accessories for the 1:6 scale action figure.


In this project, David aim to custom made the tennis shoes and tennis racquet. 3DCM start from 3D scanning which the process of converting physical objects into precise digital models and capture the object’s shape and geometries and then put it into the 3D printing machine. Lastly, 3DCM painted the 3D printed models with adding detail and production value to the final product.